Tube   Once Upon...

 Jim Telegun’s love affair with tube amps begun at the age 19 of when as a young guitarist he found himself constantly tweaking and modifying existing tube designs. This quickly grew to a thriving repair business as he began to incorporate some of the knowledge acquired at the Technical School of Industrial Electronic Automation.

After graduating with honors he started working on his own designs and in 1994 he finished his first amp. That amp generated a lot of interest and encouraged him to produce several different versions. In 1998 all of this culminated into the Fatboy, the first official TeleGun amp. It was a 50 watt , 2 channel amp with boost. The concept of the Fatboy was given different twists as it was easy to customize and many players in the States and Europe were able to experience the different options that could be incorporated into the basic design. The best and more useful of these options were incorporated into the Fatboy 2.

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