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We don't accept credit cards for now.This is temporary. We will accept in the future.
Our paypal account is
You can transfer funds using EUROS € on
IBAN: CY 2101 4001 0101 0101 0013 6630 16
Swift code: CYDBCY2N
(Cyprus Development Bank).

You can transfer funds using USD $ on
IBAN: CY 8301 4001 0101 0102 0013 6630 15
Swift code: CYDBCY2N
(Cyprus Development Bank).
Whatever is more convinient to you it is also convinient to us. Make sure you are familiar with your bank's and credit card additional fees.
Due to the element of the handmade construction, as soon as you place the order, you have to deposit 50% of the item's price to initiate the fabrication of the item. After the product's completion and quality control, we will inform you via email that the final product is ready for shipping. At that time you must deposit the other 50% plus shipping in order to release the item to the destination specified. In case of order cancellation the first 50% deposit is not refundable.
The exact shipping date depends on the specifications of the order, the extra hardware and it is estimated 4 to 5 months after the first deposit. After the total amount has been cleared, the order will be shipped the next 1 to 2 working days.

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